Problems and solutions of ceiling fan

In extreme heat the ceiling fan is run too much so there is extra load on the ceiling fan, due to which there are various problems in the ceiling fan. You can fix it. The problem is that the fan is turned off

1. switch burned or damaged.

2. Burning regulator.

3. Loss of connection with the fan.

4. Capacitor damage.

5. Bearing jam.

6. Burning of the fan coil.


** Switch burned or damaged Problems and solutions **

The first problem that is seen in the fan is that the switch is burnt or damaged. So you have to check the switch first. If the current goes through the switch then the fan is broken and if the current does not go then the switch is damaged. If you turn off the damaged switch and put a good switch, the fan will be fine.


*** Regulator burn problem and solution ***

The second problem of the fan is the burning and damage of the regulator. So when the fan is turned off, you have to check the regulator of the fan first. The regulator of the fan is more damaged in heat. To be applied.


*** Loss of connection with fan ***

The fan that goes through the line, it is often seen that it is damaged or burned. In this case, it should be examined with a tester. If the damaged wire comes out after examination, it should be replaced and good wire should be installed


*** Remote Switch Damage Problems and Solutions ***

remote control switch

Many people  now a days install remote switches, which are wasted a lot of time, it is seen that the remote does not work. In this case, the fan will be off. You will call an electrician at this time, if there is any problem, he will fix it, and if it is damaged, he will change it and install a new switch.


*** Capacitor Damage Problems and Solutions ***

One of the reasons for the fan to shut down is that the capacitor is damaged. If the fan is not operated for a long time, the capacitor of the fan gets damaged. If the capacitor is damaged, the speed of the fan decreases or the fan is turned off. 2.5 and 3.5.

The capacitor of the ceiling fan is easy to open and install. Because the capacitor of this fan does not have any negative or positive.


*** Bearing Jam Problems and Solutions ***

There is a lot of noise in the fan, there is a squeaking noise inside the fan, the fan does not turn easily, all these problems are due to the bearing jam of the fan. If these problems occur, it is better not to run the fan.


*** Fan coil burning problem and solution ***

After all the above is correct and if the fan does not turn, then you have to understand the problem of the coil of the fan.Then you open the fan and take it to an electrician next to it, because not everyone can fix the problem of the fan coil. Only an inexperienced electrician of the fan can fix it.

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