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Table fan price in bangladesh 2024

It’s summer. And the fan is the main or first companion to get comfort or serenity in this heat. There was a time when hand fan was the only way for people to cool down. In the wind of this hand fan, people would find peace in their souls. Later it was gradually changed to the current mechanical fan name. There are different types and types of this fan. One of the table fan.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fan is the ceiling fan. This ceiling fan consists of three or four fans and a round smooth plate in the middle. It is attached to a tall iron stand and hung from the roof. The next fan that comes to mind is the stand fan. It is supported by a long stand on top of a round rectangular disc. And is bound by a circular lattice. This fan has three, four or five fans. It has three switches by which the fan rotates very fast, medium or slow.



                                             Table fan price 2024


walton table fan 16"gfc table fan 18"




vision table fan



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                                             Charger Table fan price 2024


rechargeable fanclick rechargeable fan



conion rechargeable fan

vision rechargeable fan



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                                                  Hi speed Table fan price 2024

gfc hi speed fan 9"

sony hi speed fanclick cyclone fan 9"


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The use of ceiling fan as well as table fan can be seen in every home or office factory. Ceiling fans are attached to the roof of the house or office. These fans can not be used anywhere other than the specified place. But the table fan has eliminated the problem of this particular place. Because you can use these table fans wherever you want. This is the biggest benefit of table fan.

There is also a charger table fan which you can take with you anywhere you want, so that a charger battery is provided. And the charger table fans come in different sizes. You do not need to connect to any electric line to run them. It has a battery. That battery is the supply of electricity. Only occasionally to use this fan it has to be charged with electricity. So you can easily take it with you anywhere.

The name of the smallest fan among the table fans is high speed fan. Although they are small, the air of these fans is much more. As it is small, it can be carried everywhere. All table fans basically have a regulator. By which you can use it as you need. The biggest advantage of table fan is that it can be rotated in different directions while it is on. As a result, it can supply air to all places. Again, fix it to one side.


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