BRB ceiling fan

BRB started fan production in 2009 in this popular brand country approved and certified by BSTI.
Lovely brand ceiling fans are currently being made in two models. The brand has been gaining popularity in the fan market for over a decade.Now the brand is meeting about 50 percent of the market demand of ‘A’ grade fans.In the beginning it produced 100 fans daily but gradually it increased
Periodically from 500 to 1000 pieces daily, then it has been increased to 5500 pieces now.As of now, BRB’s factory has the capacity to produce more than 20 lakh fans per year.

Most recently, the Kushtia-based company has increased its investment in fan production. In the future,
the production capacity will be increased to 25 to 30 million pieces annually.Then BRB will be able to meet the demand of most of the fans of this grade in the country.Lovely brand is now just making ceiling fans. There are plans to create a different kind of exclusive fan in the future.So that it is possible to meet the demand of all types of buyers.

The demand for fans in the country is increasing by more than 20 percent every year. Raw houses are ripening.The number of high-rise buildings is also increasing. Due to this the demand of fans is also increasing.Now the market of fans in the country is about 6 million. Demand will increase further in the future.Most of the fans in the country’s market are made in local factories. Imports are very low now that good quality fans are being made in the country.Due to the increase in demand, the domestic companies have increased the capacity to make fans.BRB has also built the largest fan manufacturing plant in the country due to increasing local demand.So that in future it is possible to meet the demand of local market as well as export. Planning is being done accordingly.


BRB ceiling fan price 2024


BRB ceiling fan




Quality of every part


When you consider that each part of BRB Fan is fabricated from Virgin uncooked material, its first-class remains intact.Armor crafted from 99.99% pure copper twine made in very own manufacturing unit so does no longer burn without problems.The usage of high pleasant bearings consequences in clean rotation of the fan.”Low hysteresis loss” silicone sheets imported from Korea are used to make fan rotors and straighteners,so the fan’s motor stays cool even for the duration of lengthy rotations. Made with pure aluminum-wealthy aerodynamic technology,The bed-BRB on fan spreads lightly around the bed. Also the use of imported aluminum ingots to make the fan ensures an extended lasting body.The entire fan is painted flawlessly inside the computerized coating plant so the fan does no longer rust effortlessly.

Earlier than packing each fan, RPM test, voltage test and noise take a look at are checked in the soundproof room.The bend attitude of each fan is checked within the automated bend checking out device.


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