Almost all kitchens have an exhaust fan that helps to get out the smoke from cooking, grilling something or frying in hot oil. Otherwise, the condition of the person who is cooking will get worse by coughing, and he will not be able to protect others as well. In addition, the exhaust fan removes bad odors and hot air inside any room. So everyone needs an exhaust fan for their home.You get here best exhaust fan in Bangladesh.


                     So we have provided good quality exhaust fan for your convenience


                                     CLICK EXHAUST FAN

Click exhaust fan is the most popular exhaust fan in Bangladesh.It is product of RFL.Made in Bangladesh.it has best quality and durability.It has 8”,10” and 12″ size.


click exhaust fan

Model Name: Click Exhaust Fan
Power Consumption: 45 Watt
Power Factor: 0.92
Required Voltage: 220 V
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Blade Size (inch): 12″
Number of Blades: 6
Blade Material: Polypropylene
Color Available: White
Speed (rpm): 1350 R.P.M
Regulator (Yes/No): No
Operating Power Type : AC
Battery (Yes/No): No
Temperature Range (C): 45℃
Weight (kg): 2.27
Warranty: 6 Months


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                                            SUPER STAR EXHAUST FAN

Super star exhaust fan is a one of the most favorite fan of the Bangladesh. Made in Bangladesh. It has more size 6″,8″,10″& 12″.

super star exhaust fan




Brand: Super Star

Size- 10 inch

Rated Voltage= 220 Volt.

Current AMP:0.15

Power Consumption= 32 watt.

Power factor:0.97

Speed= 1350 RPM

Color :White





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                                                        VISION EXHAUST FAN

Vision exhaust fan is best of all fan in the market. It is a product of RFL that made in Bangladesh.It has more size 8″,10″& 12″.


best exhaust fan in bangladesh



VISION Exhaust Fan 10″
Pure Copper Wire
Low power consumption
Durable and Well Designed
Over voltage carrying capacity
Less Sound in Motor
Aerodynamic plastic blades
Size: 250 mm/10″
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 40 Watt
Speed: 1150 R.P.M
Insulation: Class “E”
Power Factor: 0.92
Color: White (As given picture)

Warranty: 6 Months.


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                                                             NATIONAL DELUXE EXHAUST FAN

National deluxe exhaust fan is a favorite fan of the Bangladesh.Many people use it and give good feedback.It has 8”,10” and 12″ size.


best exhaust fan in bangladesh


Brand: National Deluxe
Over Voltage Carrying Capacity
Less Sound in Motor Aerodynamic Plastic Blades
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 45 Watt
Pure Copper Wire
Low Power Consumption
Durable and Well Designed
Long Lasting
Colour: White
Type: Square Type
Unit Of Measure: Each
Made in China




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                                                             WALTON EXHAUST FAN

Walton exhaust fan best fan of  Bangladesh .it has achieved trust all over the Bangladesh.It has 6″,8″,10″,12″.



walton exhaust fan


**Wall mounting.
**Absorption type- one dimensional (drawn from the inside out).
**One speed.
**Fan shuts off automatically when motor is unusually hot.
**Advanced blade design.
**Type Exhaust Fan
**Color white
**Size 254mm (10”)
**Current 0.15A
**Speed 1250 RPM
**Frequency 50Hz
**Input Power 28W
**Power factor .98
**Type of Motor Single Phase Shaded Pole Motor


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We have researched for a long time and found out which exhaust fans are the best For us, I have given it to you step by step. You see  here details of all exhaust fan and buy


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